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RAP & SOUL single cover
03 / 2024 Adobe Fresco & Photoshop

commission work for phlegma & pop-shovit

REISE single cover
04 / 2024 Blender

commission work for phlegma & pop-shovit

12/2022 Ink, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender

This typo is made for the Impuls Crew , a DJ collective I founded with friends back in the day before I moved to Berlin. Since then, the Impuls Crew organizes electronic music events like the Rempart Rave in Freiburg with considerable success.

10/2021 Graphite, Ink, Photoshop

User guides are, in my opinion, a supreme discipline in design. With that in mind, I was looking for something interesting to convey in an infographic. That’s how I came up with the idea of depicting the Pillars of Autocracy by Johannes Gerschewski, even though it is not a procedural phenomenon.

more about this here: 
Die drei Säulen und das Überleben elektoraler Autokratien – Eine Replik 
by Gerschewski, Johannes (2017) in Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft 11(2), 237-246

03/2021 Ink, Photoshop

10/2020 Graphite, Photoshop

08/2020 Graphite, Photoshop

poem illustration for Leon Hartmann in das Blatt issue 2

05-07/2020 Graphite, Photoshop

The Cineforce aka Aethers Cinema to Graphix was an illustrated film recommendation, published online every second week by Subtil/Skurril and the International Club Freiburg.

In the beginning of the pandemic, me and my team from the International Club thought about digital services considering students facing lockdowns and social isolation. Since I love movies, I came up with the idea of making a movie recommendation.

I first tried to produce the Cineforce as a video-show. Unfortunately I lacked the necessary acting skills to get into my role as the moderator. After rethinking my concept I told the story by drawing the show with graphite and photoshop trying to give it a film-noir-ish look.

My team from the international club approved the concept: Aethers Cinema to Graphix, and we published 6 episodes within 3 months during the summer 2020 together with Subtil/Skurril.

2018 Linocut

I liked the motiv of my Schall & Rauch technoparty so much, that I redid it as a linocut emphasizing the anti-capitalist vibe.

2018 Ink, Photoshop

I designed this graphic in preparation for my commercial Schall & Rauch technoparty at the Jos Fritz Cafe Freiburg.

While the aim of the graphic is to convey a feeling of overkill without being too serious, it depicts Donald Duck (the working-class antihero) suffering either from capitalism or finding himself in the uncomfortable situation of being on a technoparty without earplugs.

2018 Graphite, Ink, Photoshop

die Fasson des Wasserman
2017 Graphite, Ink, Gimp

Poem illustration for Ikarus on Subtil/Skurril.

2016 Linocut

2016 Graphite, Ink, Gimp

2014 Graphite, Marker

2012 Ink & Illustrator

2012 Graphite & Photoshop