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hi, I am æther

I conceptualize and communicate ideas.
I can help you catch vibes, design products & build your brand.

While my aesthetics are rooted in the worlds of comics, graffiti, and electro, I am interested in a broad range of communication and underlying frameworks of intertextualities. I love translating complex topics into simple representations. In realizing a vision, I can work on both the content and the form. I do media production, postproduction, and visual design for all kinds of projects since 2017.

With an academic background in sinology and cognitive science, profound experience in project management and media design, further education in UX/UI and 3D design, as also a great passion for strategic communication, I usually take an interdisciplinary approach when looking for creative solutions.

I am personal, uncomplicated and real.

my tools as a designer:

Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, InkScape, Blender, GitHub, WordPress

I know a glimpse of:

Unity, HTML5, SaSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Scheme, R, Analytics

my top features:

empathy, agility & commitment to quality

Let’s get in touch!


student in the Blender courseAcademy for Informatics and Graphic Design FIGD08-11/2022
student in the UX/UI design courseAcademy for Informatics and Graphic Design FIGD08/2021-08/2022
participant in the advanced Photoshop courseLIMA Berlin04/2017
student of Sinology and Cognitional Science Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg 10/2014-02/2021

employments & internships

production assistanceCOSMO at Rundfunk Brandenburg Berlin01-04/2021
intern in the communication departmentMercator Institute for China Studies Berlin10-12/2020
project manager, illustrator, media designerInternational Club of the Student Union Freiburg2018-2020
artistic assistance, technical support, art installation & handlingKunstverein Freiburg2017-2020
intern in the analog print workshop„La Sirena“ by Roberto Sandino in Granada NI03-04/2016
intern in the freelance illustration workshopGabriella Stellino in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl11/2014-04/2015

concept & management

co-founder, project & pr manager, brand designer„Rempart Rave“ by Impuls Crew01/2020-10/2020
co-founder, project & pr manager, brand designer, media designerSubtil/Skurril05/2017-today
co-founder, project & pr manager, brand designerMovement Motus e.V.12/2015-01/2020

video production & post

camera operator„Ilay“ Performance Trailer for Johann Eggebrecht12/2022
video editor„Stampede“ Performance Trailer for Moving Orchestra 20-06/04/2022
DOP, storyboarder, editor„Liebe“ Shortfilm by Nils Dressel01/2022
video editor„Final Blue“ Performance Trailer for Noah Rees11/2021
video producer & editor„Aerial-Hoop“ Performance Trailer for Noah Rees11/2021
direction, camera, editing„Baloon Culture“ videoproject with Johann Eggebrecht11/2021
live stream camera operator„Dear white People“ Educational Festival07-13/06/2021
live stream camera operatorSri Lankan Embassy Berlin02/02/2021
camera operator„Morning Flower“ Performance Trailer by Shibui Collective08/02/2020
camera operator, setdesignerUniCross Freiburg09/2019-02/2020
direction assistance, graphic designer, setdesignerBlackwood Films Freiburg12/2014-01/2016

* I was rendered and exported during the year 1994 in the Black Forest metropolis of Freiburg