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hi, I am æther

I conceptualize and communicate ideas.

I can help you catch vibes, design products and build your brand.

While my aesthetics are rooted in the worlds of comics, graffiti, and electro, I am interested in a broad range of communication and underlying frameworks of intertextualities.

With an academic background in sinology and cognitive science, profound experience in project management and media design, further education in ux/ui and 3d design, as also a great passion for strategic communication, I usually take an interdisciplinary approach when looking for creative solutions.

I am personal, uncomplicated and real.

my tools as a designer:

Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, InkScape, Blender, GitHub, WordPress

I know a glimpse of:

Unity, HTML, SaSS, JS, AJAX, JQUERY, PHP, MySQL, Scheme, R, G. Analytics

my top features:

empathy, agility, commitment to quality


participant of the blender courseAcademy for Informatics and Graphic Design FIGD19/08/2022
graphic , interface , narrative designer„ultimate battle dice“ for GMTK Gamejam 2022 by Superschnitzel65-17/07/2022
video editor„Stampede“ Performance Trailer by Moving Orchestra 20-06/04/2022
director of photography, storyboarder, editor„Liebe“ Shortfilm by Nils Dressel01/2022
video editor„Aerial-Hoop“ Performance Trailer by Noah Rees11/2021
camera operatorGraduates of „die Etage“ Circus School23-24/10/2021
participant of the UX/UI design courseAcademy for Informatics and Graphic Design FIGD08/2021-today
live stream camera operator„Dear white People“ Educational Festival07-13/06/2021
direction assistance, camera operator, setdesigner„Wochenbett“ Video Series by the midwife Klaudia Kadau 13-15/03/2021
live stream camera operatorSri Lankan Embassy Berlin02/02/2021
production assistanceCOSMO at Rundfunk Brandenburg Berlin01-04/2021
intern in the communication departmentMercator Institute for China Studies10-12/2020
camera operator„Morning Flower“ Performance Trailer by Shibui Collective08/02/2020
co-founder, project & pr manager, corporate designer„Rempart Rave“ by Impuls Crew01/2020-10/2020
camera operator, setdesignerUniCross Freiburg09/2019-02/2020
sound designer„Jelena“ by the Schall & Rauch Student Theater07/2019
project manager, illustrator, media designerInternational Club at SWFR2018-2020
artistic assistance, technical support, art installation & handlingKunstverein Freiburg2017-2020
co-founder, project & pr manager, corporate designer, media designerSubtil/Skurril05/2017-today
participant of the advanced photoshop courseLIMA Berlin04/2017
intern in the analog printworkshopRoberto Sandino and „La Sirena“ in Granada/NI 03-04/2016
co-founder, project & pr manager, corporate designerMovement Motus12/2015-01/2020
direction assistance, graphic designer, setdesignerBlackwood Films Freiburg12/2014
intern in the freelance illustration workshopGabriella Stellino11/2014-04/2015
winner of my hometowns youth art award Youth Art School Freiburg11/2014
studentBachelor of Arts in Sinology and Cognitional Science10/2014-02/2021
respawn *Freiburg im Breisgau09/1994