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Since we are all friends working within the broad spectrum of art we came up with the idea to unite our skills in one project. Through the mutual influence of the disciplines: music, dance and video, something emerged from itself during the production.

directed by Nils Dressel
choreography & performance – Johann Eggebrecht & Noah Rees
camera & editing – aether & Nils Dressel
music – Hyronymos „Hey!“

download the track for free @ https://hyronymos.bandcamp.com/track/hey
choreography & performance – Johann Eggebrecht
direction & production – Nils Dressel
camera operator & additional sounddesign – aether
music – Caterina Barbieri, David Toop
December 2022
editing: aether
Track: Bernd Wegener
April 2022
editing: aether
Track: HeDuDa – Chase
November 2021
camera & editing: aether & Nils Dressel
Track: Age of Love – The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon watch out for Stella Mix)
October 2021
Johann Eggebrechts application for the „Tanz, Kontext, Choreographie“ course @ UDK Berlin
camera & editing – aether
Track: Dax J – Reign of Terror
November 2021
Shortfilm by Nils Dressel
starring: Emilie Neumeister & Samson Fischer
camera & editing – aether
production – Marie Dressel
script & directing – Nils Dressel
co-authors: Georg Kadau & Daniel Li
audio – Rohan Shrestha
audio assistance – Nils Sohm-Michaux
radiomusic – Samson Fischer
light – Jannis Reinelt
music – Jannik Bitzer
January 2022